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Magic Mountain®

Curriculum Guide

The Magic Mountain® Curriculum Guide is part of an educational program Pre-K – 5th grade, ages 4 – 11, designed to lead teachers and students through an eight-week study of art, music, and outdoor education using the book A SONG AND STORY OF MAGIC MOUNTAIN.

Our goal with the Magic Mountain®  curriculum is to combine the freedom, curiosity, and imagination of early childhood education that takes place in forests and nature while weaving scientific, mathematical, artistic, and musical themes.

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The curriculum objectives are:


  • To listen to and enjoy a story about a very special and magical mountain

  • To encourage active listening and participation in all activities

  • To introduce story elements of the passage of time and changes that occur

  • To learn about the components of story structure: the beginning, the middle, and the end

  • To write and share original stories from the child’s perspective

  • To listen and learn the original songs related to the story

  • To create artistic projects relating to the story

  • To celebrate and deepen the connection with nature through education and music

  • To cultivate awareness of preserving and protecting our environment

  • To develop sensitivity to our growing relationship with wildlife

  • Develop skills for being in nature

  • Gain confidence and a sense of comfort being in nature through camping and exploring

  • Initiating awareness of natural forest ecosystems and botanicals

Curriclum Objectives
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