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Welcome to the Valley of Magic Mountain 

The little book with a BIG message!

Magic Mountain is a story about a talking mountain that goes to sleep because people stop coming to hear his stories.


When two children come to camp with their parents in the valley of Magic Mountain, they learn about Magic from a wise old owl and decide to journey up the mountain to see if they can awaken him and hear his stories.


This story is an adventure into a special way of listening, of waking up, and about the beauty of nature in a changing world.

Take a Peek Inside the Book & Sing Along with the Magic Mountain Song

The Story Behind the Book

What People are Saying

"...a beautiful reminder with words and illustrations of how important story telling is in the history and culture of our nation’s natural resources.  A great reminder for all of us to tell a child a story of nature and how it can change all of us."

Scott Fitzwilliams

Forest Supervisor

White River National Forest

"My 6-year-old granddaughter listened very quietly and calmly, and focused on each page. She followed the story, and when it was finished, she said it made her “heart feel happy”. She exclaimed enthusiastically, “It was a great story!” 

MAGIC MOUNTAIN is well written and beautifully illustrated. This is an important book for all to read and share."

Brooke Medicine Eagle

EarthKeeper and Wisdom Carrier

author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing 

& The Last Ghost Dance

"Magic Mountain is a beautiful story about the wisdom held in the mountains. It reminds us of the magic of being a child, exploring the great outdoors and gives us hope for the future stewards of the earth."

Jessica Rothfels

Founder of In the Pines Nature School

"Lisa Dancing-Light skillfully relates for all ages a big story with her little book: ascending through stillness onto the mountain slopes while paying enough attention to listen can yield songs of gratitude. Listening is a big story and a path from childhood to a life-long celebration of our living world story."

​Will Evans

"A great story with an important message and a welcome addition to our homeschool for developing environmental awareness."

Holly Marcus

MEd Science Education,

MS Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, homeschool mom,

science educator and author,

"The Best Treehouse in the World"

"Magic Mountain is a dreamlike whimsical creation with extraordinary power to influence your imagination. A story that transcends all generations. 

This story can be used for all ages to broaden their thinking. Kids will really enjoy the pictures. Having music to go along with the book is a great addition to the story. As being a teacher for 40 years, having art and music together is a great way to engage children."

Debbie Condello

Former Director

Colorado Rocky Mountain School


Purchase the Magic Mountain® songs CD, puzzle, and musical script here.

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