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Eight years in the making, singer/composer, Lisa Dancing-Light’s new release, “The Song of Love” is being called “An Anthem for Humanity” bringing a global message of love awakening in the hearts of mankind. Lisa's vibrant voice dances with piano and the most delicate string arrangement of world-class musicians. This single release is the shining jewel in the crown of Lisa’s recordings.

The Song of Love


    "The prose/poem from Anne's book that stirred me to the bone when I first read it is now soaring through the beautiful vehicle of Lisa’s voice backed by the string instruments. WOW! It is an anthem for the world. Much love to you! And bounteous blessings and GRATITUDE!"

    Rita Marsh, Director, Center For Human Flourishing


    "Brilliant! Lisa Dancing-Light has created a masterpiece. It speaks to all of us on many levels. This song confirms that through acceptance and surrender, we become one with peace, joy and love."

    John Norton, Two Rivers T’ai Chi


    "Such beautiful music you produced. Such an authentic and moving voice and music that stirred me and still does every day as I play it before I sleep. Thank you for your gift to us. (and - you can quote me on that!)"
    Nancy Thal, Health Practitioner, Acupuncturist


    "When I first heard it I felt instantly touched. The song went straight to my most painful emotional center and helped me lean in to that area. After some moments there was clarity of hope and the realization that we are enough and supported. This song affected me deeply and the blessing of its effect carried with me throughout the day. The next morning I noticed people whom had listened with me the previous day, where also positively affected the following day. Love the reminder of who we really are and what to do."

    Caroline Mohl, T’ai Chi Practitioner


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