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Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s poem “Hymn To Sophia." Lisa’s crystalline voice dances above piano, cello, drum and a gypsy fiddle, while original and ancient melodies weave a soul journey through Celtic, Native American and Sufi influences celebrating Sophia, the ancient Greek Goddess of Wisdom.

Sophia Songs


    "I often play your lovely Sophia Songs CD before lectures and workshops."

    Siobhan Houston author of Invoking Mary Magdelene, Boulder CO


    "Wonderful CD full of Goddess-inspired songs. When I first listened to the soundfiles at, I knew I had to get this album. What a great way to celebrate God/dess by playing this CD over and over again. This artist is truly gifted."

    Jenneke Minkman, satisfied CD Baby customer, Netherlands


    "I want to thank you for your wonderful CD "Sophia Songs". My sister recently sent it to me as a gift. I am pregnant and have developed depression. I find your music wonderfully comforting to listen to. My sister did not know this, but I had a mother blessing during my first pregnancy and this is the same music that was played there."

    Angela K


    "I don't listen to music unless I am doing nothing else, no background music for me! I rarely get the chance to listen to music! But I have listened this morning, and your voice is lovely and it is wonderful that you are using the frame drum, I think it is important that women sing and chant to the frame drum like they did for thousands of years. Thank you for sending me your CD and best of everything to you. Kindest regards and blessings."

    Layne Redmond, author of When Women Were Drummers, New York, NY


    "On the way to an important presentation I was giving, I was in heavy traffic and felt tense. I played your CD - MAGICAL AND HEAVENLY. Thanks."

    John Gordon, attorney and life coach, Kansas City, MO


    "Hi, dear Lisa. I have just listened to excerpts of your music on iTunes, and have purchased/downloaded ten of your songs (mainly from the Sophia album). Beautiful! I was actually feeling quite unsettled and uncentred this morning, but your music has helped bring balance. Thank you! :) There's no doubt you have gifts which are sweet, beautiful, (and powerful!), and it's wonderful to see you're spreading Light and helping to raise Consciousness/Vibration the way you are . . .Much love and much support for your wonderful journey, dear Sister! Hugs."

    Frances James, The Shift Network

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