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Photo by Jorie DeVilbiss


I am so glad you found me in this wild space of internet reality and are here right now.


I have had a passion for music, education, and nature all my life. I started singing when I was three and loved hosting Talent Shows in my backyard with neighborhood kids. For decades I have loved sharing what has been growing within me as an author, educator, and composer.

I have a deep love affair with Nature, and it is my sacred sanctuary. I love learning and sharing what I have learned from extraordinary mentors and teachers, connecting through hiking, guiding Land Journeys, and sharing regenerative garden wisdom.

"A Song & Story of Magic Mountain"

A Complete Educational Program
More Than Just A Book

The Complete Magic Mountain Experience Includes:

  • The Magic Mountain Story (Available in English & Spanish)

  • Curriculum Guide

  • Activity - Coloring Book

  • Musical Script with lyrics and piano scores

  • Music CD with Nine Songs

  • Puzzle

Explore the complete, unique educational program designed for music educators, home-schooling parents, and educational program directors.

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Explore Past Magic Mountain Events

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